On 21 August we had our annual Summer Fair at the Skills Centre. It was such a fun day filled with games, great snacks and a lot of green slime! We think the dunking tank was a great idea and it was very funny to see the Managers and Team Leaders covered in gunk! On the day we also raised a whopping £785.41 that will be donated to our chosen charities, Making Space and the Eastfield Community Centre. We still have a few fundraising events coming up in the last few months of the year, so please support them.

In recent months Happy Futures nominated over 30 members of staff and teams for 18 award categories for the Great British Care Awards for the Yorkshire and Humberside region. Happy Futures was so pleased to have finalists in 10 categories, including LV’s team for the Home Care Team Award, Emily O’Callaghan for the Dignity in Care Award, Laura Boddy for the Ancillary Worker Award, Emma Whiteside for the Home Care Coordinator Award, Luzanne Fletcher for the Care Innovator Award, Alison Sinclair for the Care Newcomer Award, Paula Cooney for the Workforce Development Award, Lisa Brennan for the Front Line Leader Award, Lesley Norris for the Home Care Worker Award and Joanne Metcalfe for the Care Assessor/Planner Award.

This year, the theme of the Great British Care Awards was space, as it wanted to celebrate people so dedicated to Health and Social Care that they are truly just out of this world. On Friday 22 November, nearly 30 Happy Futures Managers and Support Workers attended the regional finals for Yorkshire and Humber. We are so happy to announce that Happy Futures was yet again a winner on the night, where Lesley Norris walked away with the Home Care Worker award and long-time Registered Manager, Joanne Metcalfe won the Care Assessor/Planner award. We are so proud of them and wish them all the best of luck as they will represent Happy Futures on national level in March.

For those who were nominated and did not win, you are still winners in our eyes. Your passion, dedication, creativity and sense of fun and happiness shines through in every bit of work that you do.

Regional winner 2019

Our CEO, Angela Fletcher was also recently interviewed by Liam Palmer for the Care Home Quality podcast. The podcast is specifically about meeting the leaders and innovators in the health and social care industry and the interview covered how Happy Futures links outstanding services with commercially viable practices. To listen to the full interview, please click here.


In addition to our usual moving and handling, safeguarding, autism, MAPA, food hygiene and first aid training sessions, in the month of September also hosted our first LGBT Awareness and Epilepsy and Buccal training. We have received great feedback from both the training sessions and more will be scheduled for the coming months. If you would like training on a specific topic, please let us know so that it can be arranged.



In April 2018 Komal Shires hosted a Intensive Interaction training course with some of our staff members. After the session, she sent us the following feedback:

”During the training I have found Happy Futures staff attending the training course to be enthusiastic, motivated, passionate and caring about the individuals they support. They are interested in the course content and using Intensive Interaction to help individuals connect with others.”

All of us at Happy Futures would like to thank Komal for her time and expertise and we are excited to implement our new knowledge and skills.

Happy Futures was happy to receive the following comment from Michael Prior who trained our staff during a 4 day Train the Trainer Manual Handling with Hoists training in February 2018.

”I found all of the Happy Futures staff I met to be engaged and more than willing to learn. They were all attentive and keen to get involved in workshops and discussions. Whilst any group will have some outgoing personalities and others who are more shy, the groups that I taught responded well to helping me keep everyone involved, showing a high level of empathy and supportive behaviours. A genuine pleasure to teach such willing and knowledgeable learners.”