At Happy Futures we strongly believe that happy staff mean happy individuals, and therefore we do our best to ensure our employees are happy, confident, well trained and satisfied. A strong culture of trust enables our management team to work closely with, but also support our staff to ensure that all our individuals receive the best support, perfectly suited to their needs.

Training and professional development is a big part of our operation as expertly trained staff deliver exceptional support that is compliant with all current regulations and best practices. All staff members receive comprehensive inductions and full mandatory training to ensure compliance with the Care Quality Commission, as well as specialist training and NVQ qualifications. We strongly encourage and support our staff to compete external training and qualifications to develop and enhance their professional skills and knowledge base to deliver the best support possible. At Happy Futures an open style of management is in place which encourages feedback, participation and performance reviews from staff. Staff supervision and feedback is in place at all levels and monthly supervisions and reviews ensure that staff are up to date with training, policies and procedures. Happy Futures never use agency workers and can therefore maintain continuity and consistency within the organisation and the support we offer.

As we adapt our support plans to meet the needs and requirements of the individuals we support and that of their families, communication is key. Staff, families and individuals continuously communicate about areas that may affect their day to day lives and support. Happy Futures has an open-door policy and we promise to always listen to any recommendations, suggestions, queries and complaints and address them in a timely manner.