Going digital with Nourish

Did you know that at Happy Futures, we have over 300 different forms and documents that we complete on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, many of them for each individual? Also considering the paperwork we use for staff training, planning, marketing and all the other things we do, that is a lot of paperwork and in effect, a lot of trees!

So, in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint on the world and help build a better future for all of us, Happy Futures has decided to let paper go and jump into the world of digital care planning!

From February, Happy Futures will be implementing Nourish, a care management software that helps Support Workers stay connected, Managers better informed and individuals better cared for. Replacing nearly all the paper forms and documents, the Nourish app is accessible on special Happy Futures iPads and tablets, cutting down on the amount of paper we use, helping the environment and also making documenting everything a whole lot easier!

One of the main reasons we have decided to jump on the digital train and move our recording to Nourish is the fact that it is live. The moment something is recorded by a Support Worker on the app, it can immediately be accessed by the appropriate Managers, who can then take appropriate action. For instance, if an individual has a behaviour, Support Workers will input the required information onto the Nourish app, which the Positive Behaviour Support Active Responder and Head of Positive Behaviour Support can then access on their own devices straight away. This will allow them in turn to offer advice and guidance to Support Workers, track the individual’s behaviour, and offer better support for the Support Workers after an incident.

Another great feature of Nourish is that it is completely customisable, and we can adapt and change the app to meet the needs of the individuals, our Support Workers and that of the business. This allows Happy Futures to create bespoke and very personalised support plans, filled with details and strategies to better support individuals with everything from teeth brushing to communication preferences!

The Nourish app also allows for better, detailed and more correct record keeping. Think of this: Individual Thomas has been feeling a bit funny after eating, so his GP asks to see his food and fluid intake record for the past 6 months. Individual Thomas sure likes his snacks, so Support Worker Sarah has dutifully kept record of everything he has had to eat and drink for 6 months, but now needs to take over 300 sheets of paper to the GP’s office! Heavy to carry? We think so! Difficult to work through? Absolutely! But  now imagine that situation with every bite and sip recorded on Nourish. Instead of having to go away and collect the paperwork, Support Worker Sarah can use the app and with a touch of a button tell the GP exactly what Individual Thomas has been snacking on and help figure out what is causing that grumbly tummy!

Within the Nourish app, alerts, reminders and warnings can also be set. This will allow Happy Futures to cascade information to Support Workers, escalate matters of concern, or simply set automatic warnings to help monitor things such as fluid intake. As the app is interactive and live, evidence of alerts, reminders and warnings actioned will be available to Managers to analyse, identify any problems and put the right improvement measures in place.

As we provide 24 hour support to many individuals, Support Workers work in shifts to ensure everyone is well rested and ready to provide the best support. This makes handovers especially important, as Support Workers need to know what’s been going on and be informed about changes to the Support Plan, new medication, sickness and other factors that will determine how they can best support the individual. Nourish makes handovers a simple and straightforward process as information is readily available, is focussed, well organised and all in one section specifically for handovers.

Although it’s great to record all the fun things individuals have been up to, the healthy food they have been eating and how well they have been doing, record keeping is most importantly there for analysis. Through the app, Managers can pull reports that assist with better care planning and more personalised services. As the app offers complete transparency, Nourish reports can also be used for audits, assessments and as supporting documents during visits from the Care Quality Commission. Nourish will also allow families to be up to date and informed about the support their loved ones are receiving, and with the consent of the individual, will be able to enjoy read-only access to specific information.

With many other amazing features, such as direct messaging, a speech to text function, a clear and user-friendly internal dashboard and by providing a detailed overview of every aspect of an individual’s wellbeing, Nourish is helping us create truly personalised support and Happy Futures is really excited to use this new software to take us another step further in providing top quality support and care.

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