Co-production is extremely important.  It is when an individual influences the support and services they receive.  It is all about collaborative partnership working between the individuals who receive the care and support services and the people who provide the services.

For co-production to be successful and effective, Happy Futures Support Specialists are committed to ensuring the culture of co-production runs through the whole of the service. Co-production is aimed at everyone from managers, frontline support workers, individuals’ family members and of course the individuals who receive the care and support, as they are of course the experts by experience.  As the well captured phrase goes “nothing about me without me”.

Effective co-production breaks down the barriers between individuals who receive the care and support and the people who provide the services.  It builds and helps develop peoples existing capabilities working in partnership with peer and personal support networks alongside professional networks.

The important principles of equality, diversity, accessibility, and personalisation are crucial values for co-production.  Adhering to these principles helps to make co-production as inclusive as possible. Co-production comes from the idea that no one group, or person is more important than any other group or person, that everyone is equal. Co-production must be as inclusive as possible.  This can be challenging but it is important to understand that co-production is also about diversity, that everyone is unique, that everyone’s voice is important, and that we each have a role to play in co-production.

Here is one of our individuals at their first Shadow Quality Group Meeting talking about the quality of the support they receive at Happy Futures.

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