Mission, Values and Goals

At Happy Futures we offer personalised support for each individual in a fun, motivating, safe and caring environment. We empower our individuals to live independently and support them with their daily emotional and physical needs. Happy Futures offer a mix of socialising, education, training, achieving greater independence. We also offer those who want assistance in finding volunteering opportunities and appropriate workplace experience.

Our creative, energetic and experienced staff are enthusiastic about working with each individual and are inspired to offer them personalised support to meet their individual needs.  This is achieved by recognising their uniqueness, personal needs, family’s needs and their level of independence.

Happy Futures support adults and children from the North Yorkshire area.  We support individuals with learning disabilities, mental health and complex needs.  We are specialists in supporting individuals on the autistic spectrum and individuals recovering from acquired brain injuries.

Our mission

To deliver premium quality support for adults and children with learning disabilities, mental health and complex needs.

Our values

Happy Futures is a company built on trust. This means we have trust at all levels. Between our individuals and support workers, trust between our support workers and families and trust between our support workers and management. We value the power of happiness. A little bit of happiness can have a dramatic and long-lasting effect on our individuals, staff and the larger community that we live and work in. Our underlying principle is to treat everyone with respect, dignity and kindness. We provide positive interaction and great communication with the individuals we support, their families and anyone associated with their support requirements.

Our goals and objectives

At Happy Futures, we strive to deliver the highest quality of support for our individuals with learning disabilities, mental health and complex needs. Our goals and objectives are all aligned to make a positive and long-lasting difference in the lives of those we support. At Happy Futures our goals and objectives include:

  • Putting our individuals first: The individuals we support are at the very centre of our goals and objectives. Creating and offering a support plan that enables each individual to live a better life, to have a happy future is what our company is all about. We also strive to mould our company and services around our individuals and not the other way around as each individuals’ needs are different and this is reflected in our unique support planning.
  • Being supportive: We not only support our individuals, but we also involve the families and professionals in our decision making.
  • Striving for excellence: Happy Futures is always improving, building and expanding our services in order to offer the highest quality of support to our individuals. Our goal is to be the front runners of forward-thinking support to offer our individuals the happiest future possible.